February 13, 2018

The human body is story telling at it's best.  Every cell within us tells a story. Every cell has a role, a job to do every day, that determines our health. I have always been fascinated with the characters of our physiology and the chaos that ensues when processes go awry. If one cell steps out of line, adaptations are immediately made to bring us back to equilibrium. I like to imagine what our cells would be thinking in these moments of chaos. Would their roles determine their personality? How would they react to a foreign antigen, or even- dare I suggest it- a cell that chooses to ditch what it was born to do and create it's own destiny?

Blastula is the story of one red blood cell who does just that. He decides that his day to day isn't enough to keep him fulfilled. There needs to be more to life then picking up and dumping off oxygen...

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